You Can Choose These 4 Garage Door Models For Minimalist Houses

As a vehicle storage area, a minimalist garage door of the house must be made in such a way as to keep it gated. But considering the garage is one of the fronts of the house that is always seen by everyone passing by, the aesthetic element should not be missed in it. In the meantime, if your garage door is broken, we recommend you to call Sears Garage Doors Houston.

Of course, you want the garage to look attractive when seen by passers-by right?

In addition, minimalist home would require a minimalist garage with a door model that does not take up much space so that the garage looks spacious. Well, what kind of garage door model is suitable for your minimalist home?

Here are 4 Garage Door Models Suitable for Minimalist Homes:

1. Folding Wood Garage Door

Folding wooden garage door is one of the right garage door models for homes with a minimalist concept. This wooden garage door leaves an oriental element in the home garage and is certainly safe for private vehicles in it.

Garage door models are available in various sizes and door motifs, ranging from woven motifs, grilles to floral carvings. A garage door made of wood can be created by adding glass elements on top.

2. Folding Iron Garage Door

In addition to wood, folding garage doors are also available using iron as a material. When compared to a wooden garage, iron certainly has higher security.

The iron garage door is also available in attractive motifs such as flowers and leaves or the usual model with vertical frosted glass in the center.

3. Sliding Garage Doors

If your home garage has a very limited area, it never hurts to use a sliding garage door model.

This door model is very space-saving, where later the door will be shifted to the right or left side of the wall and turn into the garage so that it sticks to the wall like a curtain.

4. Sliding Iron Garage Door

Sliding garage doors are also available for doors made of iron. Even the use of metal doors for sliding door models is more desirable because it is lighter and easier to slide than wooden doors. However, this door must be coated with anti-rust paint so it is not easily damaged.

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