Here Are 3 Accurate Ways When You Have Trouble Finding Goods

When you are in a hurry, you don’t have time to spend 10 minutes looking for items that you store in 自 存 倉, here storage facility are some actions you can take when you have trouble finding items.

1. 3 magic words
When you are in a hurry and suddenly have trouble finding things in the same location, such as at home, in a bag, in a car, and other locations, remind yourself of three magic words, namely, comfort yourself, calm yourself, and confident.

This you can do by sitting quietly first, then take a few deep breaths. It can also make coffee or tea while calming down. Finally, when your mind has calmed down, the ability to remember will put things in the previous place that can be remembered again.

If not, you will probably feel frustrated looking for items that are tucked. Don’t start looking if your mind is still frantic.

2. Walk “backward”
Walk back in the sense that you can remember the thing or item that you want to find by remembering the location of any road that you traveled before.

For example, when you forget to put the car key after you enter the house, you can walk again in the direction where you walked. Do it again as when you first entered. This can restore your memory back to see if the location of the object that you find.

3. Use technology
If you really are a person who easily forgets storing various items, there are times when you really need help.

But this time the help that can make your memory easier is technology. Just try to search for how you can easily find your stuff back through photos that you deliberately took just before you left, such as finding where your car park is at a large mall or city park.

There is also a tracker or tracking device that you can tuck into your wallet, suitcase, briefcase, car or motorcycle in case you really forget.