Why Socks Have an Important Role for Runners

Even if it is located inside a shoe, socks have a very important role in the health of your feet when running. Its existence is as important as shoe technology that was created to protect your feet when running. From now on, you should be wiser in choosing socks for running. Never forget to always wear socks when wearing running shoes. Here are some reasons why compression socks running is as important as your running shoes.

1. Reducing slip when moving
From now on think again to use the original socks for running. The wrong material can make your feet slip inside shoes while running. In fact, some of them make you very uncomfortable when walking through. When feet don’t land in the right state even in comfortable shoes, your feet have the potential for injury. From now on, choose socks that can hold your feet and have the ability to blend with shoes.

2. Keep your feet healthy
Feet is an important asset for a runner and means that you always have to keep your feet healthy. One way is to use the right socks. This is not about injury or illness related matters. However, dealing with health is more general. Feet covered by socks and shoes and then carried away running will definitely sweat. This sweat will be a nest for germs. Therefore, you must choose socks that can make feet breathe freely. Imagine that you have to do a marathon race and make legs for hours in there. Your feet will not be fresh and certainly, you will not be comfortable using it.

3. As an additional cushion
Many runners will believe that running is very painful for the legs, especially the knees and heels. Because of this, many shoe manufacturers do install thick cushioning on the inside of the shoe. This aims to provide at least comfort for your knees and heels when landing. Using socks with thick and comfortable material can add cushioning from outside the shoe. Some socks also have the technology to make like one with the feet. Technology like this can make the whole leg more comfortable when running.