Be Aware Of These Tribal Black Magic From Southeast Asia

The Baduy tribe from Southeast Asia is indeed more open to the outside community, but their supernatural affairs are still preserved. When talking about predicting the future, pellets, witchcraft, debus, even weapons immunity, many people study in this area, including criminals. Want to be immune to firearms or sharp weapons, all have courses! Far from being able to wreak havoc for people outside the tribe, Baduy people themselves can also be hit by the stone if trying to cause trouble. Do not believe it? We can give you an example. If there are Baduy people who dare to violate customs, such as riding a vehicle when traveling instead of walking, guaranteed they will immediately get a mysterious illness! Even though the black magic is fierce, but they are a friendly and very calm tribe. Anyway, as long as you don’t mess with them, no machete will float. Additionally, if your body is contaminated with black magic energy, we suggest you find a way to remove black magic quickly.

Apart from that, being able to find lost goods and be able to arrive at thunder is just an example of the many knowledge possessed by the Asmat from Papua. In addition to respecting their ancestors who are believed to live in the supernatural where the sun sets, the Asmat tribe also never be offended. Once they are angry, just get ready you will be sent “gifts” in the form of a mysterious illness, sudden poverty, accidents, and much more. This magic is also a way for them to protect the natural environment so that people do not get damaged. For them, destroying nature is the same as destroying the place where their gods live.

Finally, the city of Banyuwangi in Java has long had a reputation as a “base” for supernatural magic shamans. It’s because of the thick news of witchcraft there, there was a Banyuwangi Santet (weaponized dark magic) Tragedy in 1998 that killed hundreds of people. Those people were killed in a sadistic manner (some were beheaded and paraded around the city, you know!). It’s because they were considered as a magician of santet. Oops, is that how sophisticated their magical arts are? The answer is yes.