There Are Several Forms Of E-Commerce That You Must Know

The development of technology has made the marketing world also increasingly develop. As part of e-commerce business activities, online buying and selling are increasingly widespread. No need to leave the house and face traffic jams if you want to buy an item. By using the Internet and gadgets, buying and selling transactions have become very easy. That’s why you must make your online store’s page becomes mobile friendly and it must load quickly, so we recommend you to use some of the Shopify Themes That Loads Fast.

If you are interested in trying out the online business field, you should first look at some of the forms of e-commerce business in various countries, such as:

List of Classified Ads

This form of e-commerce business is one of the simplest. The classified ad listing service provider is not directly involved in the buying and selling process, but only as an intermediary between the seller and buyer. Sellers can sell goods at any time, and e-commerce businesses will benefit from advertising on their websites. For those of you who want to sell only occasionally, classified ad sites like this are suitable for use. The most popular transaction method on this site is cash on delivery (COD).

C2C Marketplace

In this business model, e-commerce business people not only help promote merchandise but also provide financial transaction services online. Escrow services or third-party accounts are usually carried out to ensure transaction security. The seller will only receive payment money after the buyer receives the goods he bought. The money will be deposited in a third party account as long as the item hasn’t arrived. If the transaction fails and there is a problem with the goods, the money will be returned to the buyer.

E-commerce business service providers will get money from premium advertising, premium seller services, and commissions from each transaction. Marketplace sites like this are suitable for you who have a large enough stock of goods. Are you interested?

Shopping Mall

The e-commerce business model is more or less similar to the marketplace, but those who can sell in e-commerce must be a big and well-known brand because of the strict verification process. E-commerce businesses can take a commission from sellers who are big brands, so the profits can be even greater.