What Is A Physical Therapy Consultation

The purpose of physical therapy consultation is to discuss how physical therapy works in dealing with pain or injuries suffered by patients. These appointments are usually offered free by clinics and physical therapy specialists and can be done by anyone who suffers pain or injury and wants to undergo physical therapy as part of their treatment read more here. In addition, physical therapy can also be undertaken by anyone who has body movement problems caused by other factors. Meet the best physical therapy los angeles on our place.

A physical therapist is a doctor who specializes in the field of diagnosing and treating medical problems that prevent the sufferer from moving freely and make the sufferer not carry out their activities. At the end of the consultation, the patient will be given a physical therapy plan recommended by the doctor, which can be done in conjunction with a medical treatment plan. By combining physical therapy with medical treatment, patients can reduce the use of prescription drugs (which have side effects) and surgical intervention.

A physical therapy consultation is useful for:

Patients suffering from chronic pain
Injured patient
Patients who are recovering from surgery
Patients born with developmental problems or birth defects Some examples of conditions that can be treated with physical therapy include:
The tearing of the rotator cuff muscle
Narrowing of the spine
Spinal disc degeneration disease The goals of physical therapy are to:
Increase or make patients able to move freely again
Improve flexibility, coordination, and balance of the patient’s body
Reduce pain
Restore bodily functions
Prevents more serious symptoms, such as more severe disorders or disabilities

At the end of the consultation with a physical therapist, the patient will find out why physical therapy can be the right treatment choice and the type of physical therapy program that can be chosen so that the patient can choose physical therapy treatment and combine it with medical treatment that has been prescribed previously.