Extremely Hot Weather Makes People Vulnerable To Health Problems

The researchers say that the hot weather felt in various countries is recognized as one of the most dangerous natural disasters. Urban areas are the most at risk with heat waves which cause more deaths than other weather-related disasters. “The danger can be caused by natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and forest fires. However, that is not the only natural disaster out there. One mistake we did was not really focus on disasters related to temperature, “said David Eisenman, a researcher from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), United States. Meanwhile, if you can’t bear the heat of the summer when your AC is broken, perhaps you want to call the best air conditioning repair company near your location.

Extreme heat events that occurred this year have killed at least 77 people in Japan. The same thing happened in Quebec, Canada, with 70 victims. The United States was also hit by high temperatures which also claimed victims, especially on the highway.

The danger of hot weather to health

Hot weather, especially the extreme like hot weather waves, can cause health problems that are often called heatstroke. This condition comes in stages and affects the regulation of body temperature which seems to be heating up due to surrounding conditions. In fact, those of you who feel hot in an air-cooled room are also at risk for heatstroke.

Heatstroke can occur when the body is unable to reduce body temperature due to the hot weather around it. The body’s way of removing heat is by sweating.

Low intake of fluids in the body can cause dehydration and can worsen your condition. When body temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, it is not impossible if there is a health problem. The hot weather can also trigger other health problems, namely headaches. An increase in hot temperature every 5 degrees Celsius can increase the risk of headaches by 7.5 percent.

If you experience a headache while in a place that has a high temperature or heat, beware. This complaint can be dangerous if not handled immediately.